Saturday, 7 January 2012

♥ Self-confidence! ♥

  Hello! Its a band new year and I really want to try something different and start the year with a new look! so later on I will be uploading pictures of me with short hair and long hair! I've beem blogging for a while and mostly I think I just bog about about random and short stuff! So... This blog post will be longer and I will try to really talk about something! so I decide to talk about Self-confidence and how to feel confidence! Im just sharing my own opinion and feel free to share yours as well!

   Im actually not a very confidence person. A few years back, I use to put a lot of make up on to hide myself under layers of make up. (Not saying girls wear make up isnt confidence about themselves) And I would never wear something that show my body too much because I was really unhappy about it. I use to always think less of myself and always think that I cant do this or that and no one is gona turly love me because there is so many people that are better than me. But as years go by, I've learn what really matter is your Self-confidence! Even tho you meight have a beautiful face and a nice body, If you hide your self instead of letting the confidence shine, no one is going see the beauty! I think everyone is beautiful in their own way, no matter you are tall or short, curvy or slim, long hair or short hair! As long as you are happy and confidence about yourself. Every beauty is an eye to see. so dont worry so much. instead, bring your confidence out!

   And of course, make up, hair, clothes is important to every girl. every girl want to look pretty and nice! but to me is really important is what you see of yourself! Why is confidence important? Is important becuase you can do so much more when you are feeling confidence. and people around you will feel happy and see so much more of you as well! no one wants a friend that always complain and hide themsleves, right? How to feel confidence? frist, you want to look good, by looking good, you dont have to have full set make up and heels etc. as long as you are happy with your look, than you will look good no matter what. You meight think is easy for me to say, but if you look at me few years back than, you wont think so. I used to have a long fringe to cover up my face and I use to have a lot of pimple! if you guys are interested. maybe I will blog post about how I change though out my life later. Seconed, try different thing! dont always tell yourself that you cant do it, just try! even tho you might fail, but once you succeed! you will feel so good, and this will help you feel better about yourself and as well as build up your confidence! Last, Always remenber, Confidence is not only about your outside, Its about your inside as well. Once you have confidence inside, It will shine inside and out! Every girl is beautiful, How can someone love you when you dont love your self? Every one is unique and there is no one that is better or less than you. If you think better of yourself and show your confidence, people will really see the ture beautiful you! So girls, BRING YOUR CONFIDENCE!


  Ok! enough for the speech, and here is some recent camwhore picture of me again! the weather is so hot here in auckland so I wasnt dress properly but i dont care! it was tooo hot to dress up!

  Dont worry, I didnt cut my hair short, My hair is still long! This was a wig I brought. Its the only short hair wig I have. I dont think is super good, but is ok just for trying new style right? So what do you guys think?

     So This all for now, have a nice day and stay safe. and please supput by following my blog, commenting or subscribe! and  I will keep you guys updated.


  1. Thank you for your comment ^ ^
    Your pics are so cute.

    I'll follow your blog,if you don't my pls follow mine also ^ ^

  2. aww you're so pretty! :D I have no idea why you would lack confidence.

  3. Re Sana: Thank you dear :) Sure! no problem I will follow your blog!

    Re Mirai: Thank you! you are very pretty as well :)

  4. so pretty:)
    followed you!follow my blog dear;)

  5. Re pricillia lumantoro: thank you! and sure! i will follow you!

  6. your display pict havent shown on my page yet:(

  7. Re pricillia lumantoro: Really? I will cheak my dear :)

  8. agree with u, confidence is important :)

  9. you are so pretty, really like a porcelain doll!!
    n yes, i agree as well with the importance of the self-confidence! i'm following you :)

  10. @ Amelia: thank you :)
    @ Andriani rantna raharadjo: thank you! <3

  11. I saw your comment on my blog ^^
    You are cute and pretty but i definitely understand what you mean about not being confident. There are akways so many insecurities a girl can have :(


  12. @ THT Christina : Thank you sweetie <3

  13. You're so pretty!! And your long hair is gorgeous, but you look really good in short hair too, very cute! I like this post about self confidence. I think that if a girl has good self confidence then it actually makes her even more attractive because the beauty really shines through :) Thanks for sharing!

  14. a) I agree with your words. Beauty comes from confidence!
    c) hello. c:

  15. @ Jessi: sorry for the late rely! sIve been quit busy! and thank you! I think you hair is amzing as well! Im gald you liked this post!

    @ Miss Feelo:
    Im gald you enjoyed this post! And thank you dear! and Hello :D

  16. oh my gosh you look like such a doll!! >.< thanks for sharing these apps!! I am definitely going to download and have fun :D

    1. Oh thank you dear! im gald you like it!


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