♥ FAQs ♥


So... you want to know more about me? Here is some commonly  asked questions.

Who are you?
My name is Bianca. I was born in Hong Kong and Im fully Chinese (As you can see). Im studying in New Zealand now.

What kinda personality do you have?What kind of thing are you into or like?
um.. To be honest I dont really know myself. Im quit rude sometimes, and I'm qiute and really sweet in front people I dont know. but once you get close to me, I will be like crazy. (I guess?) You can call it two face or whatever you want, but it's just the way I am. Refrain from speaking to me if you don't like my way of life.

What kind of thing are you into or like?
I am a girly girl so i love pink, foral stuff. just any grily things I guess. Im into hairstyle, make up things like that. I will maybe do some review on products if you guys wish.

When is your brithday?
24th April

How tall are you?
I'm about 162cm ish.

How heavry are you?
Not telling. but as you can see, Im not very skinny.
What language can you speak?

I can read and speak chinese. My frist language is cantonese, but my mandarin is not bad as well. I can speak english fluently I guess? but not a profashional at it. Well, I can speak a little bit of thai and japanes, by a little bit, I mean 'Hello'.

Do you photoshop your pictures?
I do add some colour effect to it, for example making it ligher or darker etc.  I do smooth out my skin on some of my picture. but I dont photoshop my face or making my eyes bigger or what so ever. Maybe I do look different from picture than real life, I think most of the people does. I do have a video of me and some gif picture I post of myself, thats how I look in real life. I dont think photoshop is bad thing, every girl want to show the best of them so I think a little photoshop wont hurt.

♥My style♥
What kinda style clothing do you wear?
My style at the moment is more like a girly, sweet, cute style, I love floral, pink and things with flower or bow on it!  I love to wear cute dresses! My make up is always different depending on how I feel like or What I'm wearing. But my everyday make up is brwon eyeshaow and eyeliner and false eyelashes. but I always try differnt style.

What do you do with your hair?
I permanent straighten my hair evey 4-6 months. and I do a lot of treatment at home myself and sometimes go to the salon to do it. My hair is naturally wavy I guess. I sometime curl it myself but most of the time I just not bother so I let it be just the way it is. I used to wear extentions, but not anymore.

Did you have plastic surgery?
Frist, that is a rude question to ask. And NO, I didnt have plastic surgery at all! I found it annoying and weird when people ask me that because I don't know where they get this idea from. I admit I do look different than how i look years ago, but people grow up and change their style. 

How can I connect you?
Mostly just comment on my blog ,add my facebook, Find me on twitter or Email me. The links to the website I use are at sidebar. Email: biancadollylike@hotmail.com Please feel free to talk to me! I like to make new friends! >_<

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