Sunday, 1 January 2012

♥ Happy new year ♥

   Hello everyone! Frist of all, HAPPY NEW YEAR! Its a band new fresh year and I wish we can all have a good one! I just got home now, Its raining outside which sucks! Im still quit awake so I thought I should do a blog post for all the lovely reader! Yesterday night as I told you guys, I went dinner with my family and had a great time with all my lovely friends. The only thing that wasnt perfact was.... My best friend is in Australia now and She isnt here to spend the day with me. *CRIES* I miss her a lot and I wish she can come back here as soon as possible! if you are reading this! YES, Im talking about you and get your ass over her as soon as possible bitch! LOL jokes.

    My new year wish will be I wish all of the people that care for me can have good health because after all, your health is the most important thing right?! I wish I can have good school result next year and lose some weight and do more and more shopping! *Hehe*

   Last night, I went to skycity for dinner, The food there was quit nice and It was really cheap, I cant remenber the price but Im sure it was under 100$! I wanst expecting much and I thought I would be expensive. But it was not bad. right?! There was a lot of dessert to choose, Ice cream, chocolate cake, pudding etc! they were all so nice and It was so hard to choose! And The other food was really nice too, I only took photo for part of it because I was too busy eating. Oh well, I guess I gain back the weight I lose. Im gona show you some photo I took last night.

♥ Last camwhore picture ♥

   This is all for now, Have a nice day and I will keep you guys updated.


  1. No dear, YOUR blog is nice! It's soo adorable, and so are you! I love how your upper lip is so skinny, it's so cute >.<

  2. omg I love your hair~ especially your fringe!! Can I take a photo of your hair to my hair dresser next time ;D

  3. @Airi: Thank you! You are so nice! :)

    @Chococcuro: Of coz you can! Im surprise that someone actually like my hair! Thank you :)

  4. You really look like a doll >3
    u are from New Zealand?
    But u look like Korean!!!
    thx from commenting on my blog {❤}

  5. @crtsral: Im form Hong kong as well. just studying in New Zealand... :)

  6. your hair looks soo wavy and smooth :o pretty blouse!


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