Tuesday, 10 January 2012

♥ Iphone apps ♥

   Hello everyone! hows new year been for you guys? My 2012 is so good so far. the blog post will be about iphone app i use so stop asking me and read this blog!!! I think now days, Every one have a iphone or a smart phone. and I do own a iphone myself, and there is so many apps you can download and a lot of them are similar so it such a waste of time and internet to dwonload them. So today, Im going to blog about all the iphone apps i use that are free so every one can download them. and some of them  you can use them if you have a smart phone or a phone with android system.

   So frist this is all the iphone apps I have on  my phone. I have quit a lot of them and I did delete a lot of apps because some of them just stupid ones that dont dont anything.

  Well, I dont want to spend so much time talking about the games one. You can just go the app store and secarch up what you want, what you like etc. but I think what most of the people have on their iphone is angry brids, Fruit nija, cut the rope, paper toss 2 etc. but some of them, when you get up to a certain level, you do need to pay for it to upgrade. and im not really bother with games so i wont pay money on them. And here is all the apps I have.

  When it comes to photo apps, There is so much for me to talk about. I think now days, girls always take picture and they want to put them on facebook or something right away! but sometimes, you dont want your photo to look so boring and you just want to add something fun to it or make it look better by adding effect. I have 23 apps on photograhy. and there is a few apps that I really like and want to recommen to you guys. For adding effect on the the photo, my favorite one is call Camera 360. It have really nice effect to it and when you take photo of yourself, they have this effect call whiten. And you can whiten your skin and it looks really nutural. and my favorite one for addeding cute stuff on the photo, to be honest, i dont really have a favorite, But there is a lot of them on app store that are so cute but you need to pay, and and of them you have to pay to unlock some cute items to add on photo. I think DECO PIC is a good app for adding cute stuff onto the photo because its free and there is a lot of nice thing you can add to it. but the only thing bad about this add is you to trim the picture into a spure. but i guess if you do perfer it that way that its a good thing. Also Lable box is a nice app. the lable you can add are so cute, but you do need to pay to unlock those 'extra cool' label. When it comes to making the skin look better or making the photo look smooth. My favorite one is More beaute2, it doese soomth skin pretty well and you can arrange the brightness etc to make it the way you want it. I also love using Gif快手, Its the app I use to make my gif at the side bar. I think its the best gif making app I used so far. I dont like those one that is in a squre shape. but I guess if you do perfer it that way, thats a lot of other good one you can use. and this one also comes with effect when you do the gif and cool frames. so last, for wall paper. I think you just search whatever you want and it will come up, but for me, i love hello kitty so I love thoese two hello kitty wallpaper app.

  Here is all the photo app I use. The one in red is what you use to add cute stuff, The ones in green is what you use to add effect. The one in blue is what you use to smooth the photo. And the in white is wall paper.

Here is the morebeaute 2 app. How it look before and after! amzing right!?!

   I have this app to help me sleep! and I LOVE IT. Its call Relax and sleep well. Its basicly about a guy talking and help you relex and sleep. Even tho the guys voice is quit creepy ( I guess?). but yea I think is actually help me relax.
 And I love the Emoji++ app, Its such a nice app the add cute emotional icon into your text! AND IS ALSO FREE!

   If you have cat, this is is some app you can confuse your cat. LOL. its like cat sound, and you can play those cat sound to confuse you cat! I did that to my cat and she was running around looking everywhere because she thought there was another cat near her! haha. And if you want you kitty to love you than download the Cats expert app! Maybe It will help? Im still working on it!

   At the end, I want to make this blog a little bit for everyone so If you are a no life person and wants a gf or bf desperately than go and downland this app call Virtual Girlfriend or Virtual Boyfriend. I actually dont know what kind of people will download apps like this, It such a stupid app! but oh well, if you do into this kinda thing. I guess ok. LOL

  I guess this is all for today, such a boring blog post but oh well! if you think its helped please follow my blog!! support by following my blog , commenting, or subscribe! I think my next blog post is gona be about beauty stuff, like make up or hair. And have a nice day and stay safe! I will keep you guys updated!

(P.S I hightlighted every important thing and the app I recommen to you guys all in pink! so if you cant be bother reading the whole long blog, just read theose highlights! )


  1. i wanna have an iphone but now i'm using blackberry,so many apps there :(

  2. I have an Ipad2, not an iphone or smartphone T?T haha so Hopefully I can find these apps for that too!

  3. @ pricillia lumantoro: blackberry is a nice phone too!:) but I guess is nice that you can get all this apps on iphone! <3<3

    @THT Christina: I REALLY WANT A IPAD AS WELL! Hopefully this helped you find some nice apps. :)

  4. Thanks for visiting my blog~ and thanks for sharing this hehe~
    I love those purikura apps where you decorate photos~! They are so fun lol, I have Princess Camera but I think that's a paid one >w<
    I downloaded Snapeee ready for me to try~! ^o^

  5. Such a cute blog, thanks for visiting mine ^^)/
    And I love photography apps but sometimes, some of them aren't so good @_@

  6. I'm using Android tho,there're some app that available there also.
    But iphone seems to have a lot more interesting ones,I'll consider buying an iphone soon.

  7. you're too cute! seriously you look like alodia gosengfiao *w*

    thanks for visited me cutie!

  8. @MuiMui : Thank you dear. And yea, I think so as well!

    @Sana: Yea! You shu get a iphone! but I think a smart phone is fine.. Sometime iphone is stupid!

    @cominica: Thank you so much! Im so im flattered! She is so gergous! <3

  9. @yoyo : No problem! and thanks for visiting! yea! i share all my free one so everyone can download them! i have no money on my itunes now but i will download proncess cam when I top up:) thanks for sharing! <3

  10. WOW such cool apps! I hope I can get an iphone one day so I can get awesome apps like these :o

    1. Yea! thats why I like iphone~ but there is a lot of other good phones out there and iphone is expensive!


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