Friday, 9 December 2011

♥ playboy bunny ♥

I can‘t remenber when I got this ployboy bunny outfit but I think it's about 1 year ago. I‘ve never wore it since I brought it. I found it at the back of my wardrobe so I thought I should take some pictures and show you guys! I tried to smile with my teeth but my mouth is small so you cant really tell.

There will be more picture on my facebook page.I realize if you're not friends with me on facebook, you cant really see my updates so I made a public page on facebook so everyone can see my updates. I'm not a public figures or trying to be famous. It's just facebook made me choose and there is no other choice that match me. So if you want to know what im up to or see more of my picture, go to and there is a link to it at the side of my blog. Please like my facebook, Thank you♥

I will keep you guys updated and have a nice day.

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