Sunday, 4 December 2011

♥ harajuku perfume ♥

hey. I know it was just yesterday that i updated. but yea. I went shopping again. I brought the Harajuka perfume. 

There is a lot of different series of the harajuku perfume. im not really a fun of any of them. But this was on discount so i brought it. I cant remenber how much it was but i was really cheap. I cheak online just now and it's $38.50 NZD which is pretty cheap. The price is different everywhere, I cheak on this other website which said $120 NZD. The one i brought is the "snow bunnies" one. I think its in limited edition (that is what it said on the box). Its package is super cute! if you read my blog or know me. You will know i cant say no to cute package and pink stuff. The smell of it is pretty nice, It really suit winter and great for a white christmas. so i will definitely ­wear this perfume. but everyone likes different smell of perfume. so yea. Pick what is best for yourself.

♥ Have a nice day ♥

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