Sunday, 18 December 2011

♥ Have a nice Christmas♥

Hello. Christmas is just around the corner. Have you guys planed everything yet? Weather is really Bad here, Its suppose to be summer but it feels like winter :( where is my summer!?
Anyway, I just thought that I havent update for quit a time so I should let you guys know what I am up to. I've been doing a lot of shopping for chritmas, and I brought a lot of stuff that I dont need >____< well, I guess thats what girls is like haha.. I didnt plan much for Christmas, Im just gonna spend my day with family, everything is close here when is chritmas anyway! so yea, Thats all Ive been doing, I got a new phone and I have a new number. If any of my friends see this and dont know my number yet, Just cheak facebook or ask me :)


I will keep you guys updated and have a nice day.

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