Saturday, 3 December 2011

♥ My favorite false eyelash ♥

I LOVE LOVE LOVE to do dolly make up and Dolly wink has always been my favorite false eyelashes. today , My lovely friend wally got me the Dolly wink No.2 false eyelash.

What i love about dolly wink is, The package is super cute! I got the Dolly wink No.2, I used to have Dolly wink No.1 but i prefer No.2 now, i think No.2 it has more volume and give more of a dolly look. As you can see, The begging and the end of the false lashes isnt as volume as it is in the middle so when you apply the lashes on, This will make your eyes look bigger and rounder.

Closer look to the eye. If you do wonder, I am wearing Jumily No.6 lower lashes and my contact is brown form Geo bambi series.
The one thing I dont like about the dolly wink false eyelash is. The gule that come with the lashes doesnt work really well. Maybe its just me. But if i really have to say, I recommend to have your own glue. But overall I think the lashes is really good quality. They are not too hard to put on. I just Love it :) Sorry didnt really take the pictures very well... Had a tired day, didnt really had the mood to take pictures. The heat is killing me!


Oh. By the way. I've had my braces take off! FINALLY! haha. But i dont really smile with my teeth so... yeah... doesnt really matter?

I guess is all for today, I will keep you guys updated and have a nice day. :)

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