Thursday, 1 December 2011

♥ Crazy double ponytail ♥

Today i tried to do my hair into a double ponytail. i know i look insane but yea. I guess it's fun to try something different once in a while and have fun with the craziness!

I actually made a video of me with this hairstyle but its too embarrassing for me to post it and show everyone. lol tell me if you want me to post it and i will see if i have guts to. there are more photos on my facebook and some photos on my gallery so cheak it out! by the way. my gallery is on flickr and i wont be updating it as much as it is on facebook. so if you want to see more pictures of me, is better to look up facebook. XD

so yea. Here is my new blog. I will be posting stuff about my daily life, etc. Im into make up and hairstyle those kinda things. so maybe I will blog post about it as well. Feel free to add me on facebook or watever. the links of the sites i own are at the side of the blog. I used to use bebo and lots other sites that i dont remanber anymore, i dont update them anymore so if it updated i will let you guys know or if i dont, it probably is hacked.

And i will keep you guys updated. :) have a nice day.

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