Sunday, 12 February 2012

♥ What's up with my life ♥

  Hello everyone! IM SORRY FOR NOT UPDATING SO LONG AND NOT REPLYING ANY OF YOUR COMMENT! My net was so slow so I couldn't even load my blog! Anyway, I wanted to blog and keep you guys updated about what I've been up to. if your interested, Please keep on reading ♥

  First thing! Im so greatful and happy to read all the comment form you guys! It really made me smile and I'm so happy that everyone is so nice to me! I'm so glad that you like my blog! SO HUGE THANKS TO ALL OF THE READERS! Even tho not all of you follow of comment, but still thank you so much for stopping by!

 School already started for me. OMG! It's so broing! but I am going to try hard this year! even tho I meight not look like the study or smart type :P but I really want to do my best this year and leave no regret in the future. To all of the students this year! I wish you guys GOOD LUCK!

   I really wanted to do a valentines's day look tutorial but there was so much school work and other things as well. sorry I don't think I can make it.. BUT! I will be doing more review and tutorial in the future I promise! if you are interested. do look out for that and please follow if you want :)

 hmm... not much to say really.. maybe.... I should show you guys some camwhore picture of myself? LOL.... This blog is pretty random and broing.. feel free to leave now T^T...

The last one is me in my uniform.. um... ugly uniform I know..
This is all for today for my lovely reader! I will see you at next blog post.
Have a nice day and stay safe!!


  1. You are so beautiful.
    I'm so excited for your reviews. :

  2. Haha you are so cute ^^ and I like your dress in the full body picture! Your makeup is well done too ^^

    xx THT Christina

  3. I love your outfit on the third pic! So lovely <3

  4. You're so pretty >o<! Your uniform isn't that bad lol, at least it's not grey haha~

  5. You look so cute! I want to see you smile ^ ^ I know school is sometimes a bother.

  6. Ah, I empathize with you over school. I wanted to do a pretty Valentines look as well but I just didn't have the time! Do well with your studies, we'll party in the summer! haha c:

  7. Lovely blog.

  8. You are really a beauty :) Nice blog ^^



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