Wednesday, 1 February 2012

♥ Innocent dolly Make up ♥

  Hello! Today is a  innocent dolly make up tutorial, This look is glamorous, cute and sweet with a little elegant and feminine twist. Its makes your eyes look bigger and innocent! It's perfect for any location and any event.

For the face, you will need:
♥Make up base
♥BB cream
♥Light pink blush
♥Face powder
♥Pnk lipgloss

For the eyes, you will need
♥A eyeshadow brush
♥White or sliver eyeshadow
♥Gold eyeshadow
♥Brown eyeshadow
♥Black eyeliner
♥Eyelash curler
♥fales eyelash glue
♥A pair of fales upper lashes

  I already apply BB cream, concealer and face powder, Remenber to conceal all the flaws on your face. We want a flawless finish.

Step 1, apply white eyeshadow on your entire eyelid using a eyeshadow brush, This will help the eyeshaow your going to apply later stand out better. If you dont have white, use sliver eyeshadow.

Step 2, Taking a Gold eyeshadow, apply it in a V shape on the eyelid as the picture shown blow. blend it away, make sure there is no hrash line.

Step 3, Taking a Brown eyeshaow, apply it on the outter V of your eyelid like the picture shown blow, This will help define your eyes better. Again, blend it away, make sure there is no hrash line.


This is how it should look like after you done all step 1-3:

Step 4, Moving on to the eyeliner, taking a black eyeliner, keeping the line as close to your lashline as possible. dont make the line too thick because we don't want it to look obvious and harsh. extent the line at the end and bring it downward, this will create a innocent look.

This is how the eyeliner should look like:

Step 5, Curl your lashes and apply mascara on the upper and lower lashes. I have really short lashes so Im not bother with the mascara.

Step 5, Time to apply the false lashes! apply a thin layer of glue on the root of the false eyelashes and gently apply it on your eyes, keeping it as close to your lash line as possible, that way it wont be obvious. This is the main focus of this look. I personaly perfer my eyelashes to be dramatic and with clear root. but if you already have long pretty eyelashes, you can use something that is more natural.

This is how it should look like after you've done step 5:

Step 6, To finish the eyes by alppying a little bit of brown eye shadow under your waterline, stop half way.

Finished eyes:

Step 7: apply a light pink blush on the center of cheeks in a circle motion. This will make your cheek pop. You dont want to use too use a bright pink because you want the main focus to be your eyes.

Step 8, Using a pink lip gloss to finish the look. And you are done!

♥Finish look♥

I'm going to finish this post on a funny picture of me! I AM THE MAN! LOL

 Sorry for the photo sparm. I wish you like this make up and it helped. please tell me what you think!support by following my blog , commenting, or subscribe! This is my energy to keep blogging and it will really brighten my day!

have a nice day and stay safe! see you at my next blog post!



  1. OMG so cute!!!! You look so much like a dolly! Blog is so cute - I am definitely following! ^_____^

    1. Thank you honey! Im gald you like my blog and I really appreciated the following.


  2. Lol, I laughed at the ' I am the man '. My sister does that and she always has to show me!! ^3^
    Thank you for the tutorial, I'm always looking around for sweet and cute ones!

    Please follow my blog!
    ( )

    1. Im gald you like it! Thank you!


  3. Thanks so much for the tutorial! I really want to try this look soon~
    I'm terrible with eyeliner though, I can only do thick lines so my make-up always looks like clubbing make-up, lol.

    I'm definitely following your blog now so I can keep track of any other tutorials. Hope you have a great day ^^

    1. gald you like it and Im sure you will look pretty with this look!
      Um, try different types of eyeliners if you having terrible with them. but always, practice makes perfect!

      Thank you for following! I will definitely do more in the future!


  4. So pretty! Thanks for this tutorial~ I will try it tomorrow ^o^

  5. awww..this is so cute! and you're too gorgeous!! :D
    I love the tutorial.. it looks so easy <3 thank you thank you doll! :D

    1. Thanks honey!
      glad you like it!


    2. Thank you dear!
      Im glad you like it as well!

  6. You really look like a doll. So cute!!


  7. Thank you for dropping by my blog and commenting :)
    Totally appreciated!!!

    You have an extremely cute blog :) Loving your photos & make-up :)

  8. You pull off the doll look so well. lol and I love you for included the moustache photo.

  9. Gorgeous tutorial! What sort of lashes are you using?


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