Friday, 21 September 2012

♥ Dolly eye make up tutorial ♥

    Hello~ Ive been saying I would blog on a Dolly make up tutorial for so long but Ive been too lazy to do it. I'm sorry! >_< sooo Its finally here! This make up is easy to do. This look might be too much for so people and some people might not like this look. but this look is perfact for the girly girl out there and are loving the big eye doll look. The key to this look is the dolly lashes. I am sorry if this tutorial is bad quality, i did this really qiuck!
What I used for this make up
~Sink79 BB cream
~Benfit bronzer
~Pink lip gloss (some random brand)
~Dolly wink eyebrow pencil
~Kate Brown eyeshadow set
~Dolly wink No.14 lower lashes
~Decolog Who’s Sweet lashes
    Before we start the eye make up, apply your base make up such as BB cream or foundation etc.  because we want the dolly flewless skin. I used BB cream only because I think foundation can sometimes be cakey. but feel free to use whatever base you want. and dont forget to fill in the eyebrows! but if you already have nice fully eyebrow than skip this part.
Step 1:
apply a light cream eyeshadow on the iner V of your eyes and the whole eye lid tp brighten up the eyes.

Step 2:
Apply a mat brown eyeshadow on the outter 3/2 of your eyelid.
Step 3:
Apply a mat grey eyeshadow on your outter V to bring more dimension to the eyes.
This is my eyes after step 1-3.
Step 4:
More on to eyeliner, Use a black eyeliner to draw a thin line as close to ur lash line as possible. bring the line down a little when you reach the end to give it a innocent look.
Step 5:
Time for the most important part of the make up! LASHES! get your upper and lower lashes ready time to stick them on! I didnt curl or mascara my real lashes becasue I forgot, but you should before you apply the lashes. apply the upper lashes as close to ur lash line as possible. leave a little gap between the eyes and the lower lashes when apply them, this will give the look of a lage eyes!
Step 6:
Finish the look with your fav lip color and touch up some flews and your done!
The finished eyes~

This look is super easy and Im sure everyone can re create this look. Tell me what you think of this look!
I hope you liked this make up tutorial and see you all next time!
Lot of love~~


  1. The lashes you used are really pretty and sweet ^^
    You definitely look like a doll! Thanks for sharing this tute~

  2. waah I really want to see the tuto but the pic won't show up, idk why >.<

  3. so prettyyy :D thanks for sharing and also dropping by my blog <3

    xx mooshi

  4. simply amazing. Enjoying reading your posts, keep in touch! xx Peach


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