Tuesday, 7 August 2012

♥Im back! ♥

Sorry for the lack of update, I'm back now and I will update soon!

Follow my instagarm if you want, my username is Biancadolly. I update my daily photos and fashion there!
Or just add my facebook, I mainly update there.
Again~ SORRY for not updating!
I hope you guys still remenbers me!

   also, did you guys notice a different? My fringe grow and now I have a middle or a side fringe. A lot of friends did say I look so much older. hm.....I dont know... Tell me what you think!

Cyu guys soon! xoxo♥


  1. Welcome back! ^^
    Hehe, I don't actually usually go on my Instagram... ( - 3-)
    But I'm trying to get back in to the habit! ^^

    1. Thanks you honey!
      I only start using IG recently, at frist i was like this is carp but than I found it easy to update my daily life there :)

      again! thank u!

  2. Glad that ypu are back Bianca! ^^
    i like the new fringe, I agree on how it gives you a more mature look :)

    1. Thank u! Glad u still rmb me! ��❤

  3. Looks so pretty with your hair!! I like both on you!


    1. Thank you for ur lovely compliment! ❤


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