Tuesday, 27 March 2012

♥ Purple fantasy eye make up tutorial ♥

♥ Purple fantasy eye make up tutorial ♥

  I finally have time to update my blog! As promise, I did a new make up tutorial. Since Spring is in some country now. I think its always good to wear some colour in your make up to give it a freash look. So today's make up, I am going to be using puple and blue eyeshaow to give a freash and fantasy look. I hope you will like it and lets move on to the tutotial.

For face, you will need:
~BB cream or foundation that match your skin colour
~light pink cheek blush
~light pink lip gloss

For eyes ,you will need:
~White or sliver eyeshadow
~light purple eyeshadow
~Mid purple eyeshadow
~Dark blue eyeshadow
~Black Gel eyeliner
~a pair fake eyelashes
~eyebrow pencil and powder

Step one: Start with a freash and clear face. apply base and BB cream or fundation. Feel free to apply concealer. I am not going to go over how I apply my base and BB cream. Maybe I will do a blog post about My daily face routine soon.

Step two: Apply sliver or white eyeshadow as a base colour on your whole eye lid. This will help the eyeshaow you are going to apply later stands out better.


Step three: Apply light purple eyeshadow on your double eyelid area (as shown blow)  blend it away, make sure there is no hrash line.

Step four: taking a darker purple eyeshadow and apply it at the 3/2 of you eyelid. (as shown blow) blend it away, make sure there is no hrash line.

Step five: taking a dark blue eyeshadow. apply it on your outter V corner of your eyes. this will make your eyelids look deeper. blend it away, make sure there is no hrash line.

~This is how your eyes should look after doing Step 2 to 5~

Step six: taking a black gel eyeliner and line your eyes. bring the eyeliner up at the end to make to eyes look more ''awake". keep the line thin. I like to use gel eyeliner because its less hrash than liquid eyeliner and last for a long time. Free feel to use liquid or pencil eyeliner if you like.  

Step seven: Curl your lashes and apply fake eyelashes. You can apply mascara if you are happy with your reall lashes. I hardy have any so I am not bother with mine. I am using Dolly wink No.10.


Step eight: apply a light pink cheek blush and lip gloss the finish the look and you are done.


I wish you like this make up and it helped. please tell me what you think!support by following my blog , commenting, or subscribe! This is my energy to keep blogging and it will really brighten my day!

have a nice day and stay safe! see you at my next blog post!
Lots of love. Bianca.


  1. That's really sweet and cute!

  2. Oh so cute! I like the falsies you used too *^^*

  3. I love that you can actually see the sheen from the colour, it almost looks metallic!

  4. =) Cool !! gonna try it one day

  5. This look is so pretty. And i loved the fake lashes they look so natural!


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