Sunday, 26 February 2012

♥ Garnier BB cream review + super nature eye make up tutorial ♥

 Hello! I haven't do review in a while so today I am going to do a review on the Garnier BB cream. This is the only European I can find in New Zealand. I know It is hard to get hold of those Asian in some country. so I am going to do a review on this BB cream. I think you can get this item mostly everywhere and it is really cheap. I got this on sale so it was only 8 USD.

  This BB cream comes in 2 color,light and medium. I got the light one in 50 ml. The BB cream has a neutral colour, without being too pink or too yellow in its base. The BB cream is very light and is really easy to apply so I apply it by using  fingertips. I dont think it is a good idea to apply it with a foundation brush or a puff, because how light it is and it might soak into you puff or brush. it doesn't have much coverag is more like a tinted moisturizer. Unlike most of the asian BB cream, the Garnier BB cream definitely does not have a powder finish.The finish is actually glowy and the cream makes the skin look really healthy. I think it is great for summer because it is not very oily and sticky. It smells so nice. It is great for lazy people like me, It have everything that your skin need: hyration , comfort, UV protection and Vitamin C.  The price is very reasonable, good product at such a low price! Over all, I would recommend you guys getting it because it is really affordable and even the coverage is not so good, I personaly perfer BB cream that give you a nice not sticky feeling, because some other BB cream I tried did gave me a lot of coverage but in the middle of the day, my face is so oily!

  ok! Time to move on to the eye make up tutorial! This eye make up is really easy ,fast and nature! hope you guy like it!

I am using :
~Garnier BB cream
~Body shop liquid Brown eyeliner
~ KATE brown collection eyeshaow
~Maybelline Volum Express the falsies Washable mascara
~Maybelline Baby Lips Cellular Repair Lip Balm
~Canmake pink cheek blush

Step one: use a white or Beige eyeshaow as base and apply it all over your eye lid.

Step two: Apply brown eyeshaow untill it reaches your eyes crease, this will make your eyes creases looks deeper.


Step three:line your eyes, line it as close to your lash line as possible.

Step four: curl your lashes with a eyelashe curler and apply  mascara. stop untill you are satisfied with the length.

♥ Finish look ♥

 This is all for today. I wish you like this make up and it helped. please tell me what you think!support by following my blog , commenting, or subscribe! This is my energy to keep blogging and it will really brighten my day!

have a nice day and stay safe! see you at my next blog post!


  1. I didn't know garnier had bb cream :O
    And your natural look looks lovely as well ^^

  2. Thank you for the review~! ^^ I've been thinking of purchasing the Garnier BB Cream after there's no Skin 79 BB cream left anymore haha~~
    You're super cute waa~~ >< ♥♥

  3. nice =D like barbie doll

  4. So pretty! I might try this tutorial this week end ^o^ Thank you ~

  5. Cool, I didn't know Garnier had bb creams, I haven't seen them yet here, but then again, Canada usually gets products slowly than in the States :( You look pretty as always, like a doll!

  6. You look so cute! I really want to try this out!

  7. I love trying different bb creams and I haven't seen this one before. Will definitely keep a lookout for it. You look so cute!!


  8. I ordered a sample of this, have been hearing a lot of good things!
    Love the tutorial!

  9. Thanks for the review! I've been eyeing the Garnier BB cream for a while. I'll probably get it if it's on sale. =)

    And I still cannot get over how doll like you look!

    ♡ M.May


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